Blue Island Villa Caterina
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Typical history of sicilian cuisine

Local products

Sicilian dishes The tradition is a perpetuation of the time history of a people. If some recipes or, more generally, the food habits...
Regional products The ingredients of dishes and meats, fresh and genuine, coming from crops and orchards of the area such as...
Sicilian wines Sicily, for climatic conditions, mild temperatures, hilly land, sea breeze and sun lit, reminiscent of the territories of California...
The production of olive oil Sicily, a pristine and healthy territory, is a particularly suitable area for growing olives; the soil, rich of minerals...

“An evocative atmosphere, typical of the Palermitan bourgeoisie residence
where to retreat in order to recover and spend days in otium among good readings and music
socialisation with unique people,genuine food
authentic and strong flavors typical of Sicilian cuisine.”

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Another Sicily to discover,

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