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Sicilian dishes

The tradition is a perpetuation of the time history of a people. If some recipes or, more generally, the food habits of a people have come down to our day, because 'help to keep alive the memory of history and the identity of a people, through the simple use of an ingredient. Speaking of Sicilian cuisine is equivalent to taking a long trip to the island's history, traditions lost and forgotten: it is a kitchen full of fragrant products, a delicious balance between land and sea.

In Sicily, the variety of dishes, spices and perfumes show that the island, for centuries, and found at the center of attention and intentions on the part of peoples from every region of the Mediterranean. The rulers have left many monuments, architecture and works of art in memory of their past glory, have profoundly marked the landscape with new crops introduced and have left traces in the habits and ways of life easily found, even today, especially in the kitchen. For this reason it is natural to define the history of Sicilian cuisine to read a story in the history of the island and its colonization.

A Mediterrean museum to discover the roots
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